Happy Vally Day Facility Staff

The Staff for Happy Valley are

The typical daycare staff consists of a variety of positions, all of whom work together to provide a safe and structured environment for the Adults. Each position plays a particular role in the care of the adults and overall operation of the center. Certain tasks overlap between two or more of the roles. Specific facilities vary in their division of the responsibilities, the titles of the positions or the number of positions on the payroll.


  • The director provides leadership for the entire center, managing all aspects of the operation of the Adult daycare, including policies and procedures, enrollment, record keeping and staffing. The director leads the process of achieving and maintaining licensure and compliance with laws and regulations.

**** For additional information about the role of our staff review employment job roles.

Services Offered:

Individual Plan of Care

Socialization with peers

Personal Care Assistance

Community integration

Group Exercise

Skills Training

Supported Employment

Vocational Training & Support

Medication Management

Nutritious Meals & Snacks